Steam train will travel on line Varna-Rousse 22 Oct 2016


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15 Februarie 2016

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Attraction steam train will travel on the railway line Varna - Ruse

, October 11, 2016 11:45

This year marks 150 years since the opening of the first railway line in Bulgaria. On this occasion Railways, organize anniversary celebration on 22 October (Saturday). On this occasion attraction train will travel the route of the railway line Varna - Rousse as the event will end with a festive program in Rousse, learn

From tomorrow (12 October) "BDZ - Passenger Transport" Ltd. began distribution of tickets for the anniversary ride attraction train. Due to the special nature of the train, seats are limited. B-ylethyl are free, paid only reserved a place that is worth 0.50 lev customers "BDZ - Passenger Transport" EOOD, wishing to travel to the attraction train can take advantage of this offer, taking tickets from stations which will train stops: Varna, Beloslav, Sindel, Provadia, Kaspichan Hitrino, Samuil, Razgrad, Ruse and Vyatovo.

The special train will depart from Varna railway station at 8:15. And during their journey to the station Ruse will stop at stations in all municipalities on its route. At each of these stations, local mayors have organized short festive receptions and programs.

The special attraction for travelers and visitors to the event is vintage rolling stock "BDZ - Passenger Transport" LTD. Train will be pulled by a steam locomotive 03.12, as constituted included wagon from the royal composition of Tsar Boris III "Corona Express."

Entertainment train arrives at the Museum of Transport in Ruse at 15:30. Passengers of the train will be able to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the era of the first voyage in 1866, provided by the local Big Band and Drama Theatre. Upon consideration set out in the Museum exhibits will continue at the official commemoration of the main train station in Rousse. On the station platform all who are willing, able to meet the attraction train and to be photographed with him.

Detailed travel information can be obtained on the website of the rail carrier, employees of ticket offices at railway stations and offices along the route and the national helpline on 0700 10 200 BDZ.