ROWA E91 to DCC, Röwa 1401 Oldtimer E-Lok, BR E91, Bayerische EG 5, Betr.-Nr. 22510, DR Bayern, H0

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21 Ianuarie 2012
Hi, grretings from Belgrad, Serbia
Is it possible to use this old Röwa H0 ET02 motor in DCC, i think its power consumption is about 200mA unloaded on lab.power
I'm planning to install esu lok 4.0 54611 DCC, is there any chance to do it on this old motor ?


Hello. Try to put the locomotive on track and measure the Amps absorbed at stall (mean to measure with power on, full throttle, and wheels blocked). Use a good protected power source to avoid any trouble. If it's in the range of decoder, is okay. Did you know the type of rotor? It is 3 pole or is 5 pole?
3 pole are not so good for digital, reacting strange at slow speed.I try long time ago with a Bachmann , and discarded immediately due to jack rabbit stile of running.
If you decided to not use this motor, better try to found one new one and replace it. E-bay and another places are full with replacements. Good luck. Electrical machine look very nice.
from site > Das Spitzensignal wechselte mit der Fahrtrichtung. Inneneinrichtung mit Lokführer in einem Führerstand, Allradantrieb durch 5-poligen Perma-Motor über Kardan und hochuntersetztem Getriebe, feinste Beschriftung, umschaltbar auf Oberleitungsbetrieb. Länge des Modells über Puffer 19,2 cm.
If it's 1.1Amp continuous, at peak should be at least 2.0 Amp. No idea regarding the choke or capacitor. For my side you should remove both, and just connect the wire from decoder. Not one of my locomotive have capacitor or choke from factory. My old TT materials have capacitor and that choke. Loksound, like all quality decoder, have built in thermal protection to prevent death by overload. My Tsunamy 750 are well protected in this way, soon as the sound board reach 75-80 C, turn of the power. Loco just sit on track and blink the lights till cool down.