Diferite filmulete cu trenuri


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5 Martie 2008
Ba chiar la un moment dat vagoanele au fost construite la Arad. la 53.55 este chiar o placa pe vagon cu Arad scris cu litere chirilice.

Din cit inteleg eu, fabrica de la Gyor a trecut pe camioane si vagoanele s-au construit la Arad.


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9 Septembrie 2008

Tradus cu google translate
On November 26, 2019 from 9:00 a.m., a former double-decker car, which was used by the Deutsche Bahn Regio, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn DB AG, in local traffic and was last on the "siding" in Mukran / Rügen, as part of the safety partnership between the DB and the federal police, transported by heavy goods vehicle to the federal police department in Sankt Augustin. Previously, it was refurbished, repainted and run on the rail route to Hangelar on a track of the Rhein-Sieg railway. There the approx. 46-ton wagon was pulled onto a special semi-trailer with the help of makeshift rails and then brought to the underpass on the federal border protection road. Since the headroom was too low for heavy transport, a temporary track was first applied to the road surface by the Deutsche Bahn AG below the underpass. The double-decker car was then placed on the rails and pushed under the underpass. In addition to the equipment of the contracted company, the equipment of the technical service team of the Federal Police Department Sankt Augustin also played a major role. The car was then loaded onto the heavy transport again and transported to the federal police property. Finally, he was pushed onto a track system with a platform, where he has been temporarily available for exercises since 3:11 p.m. The double-decker car expands the training and further education offer of the Federal Police Department Sankt Augustin in the area of the railway police and also enables the other offices located in the location, such as the GSG 9 BPOL and the Federal Police Directorate Sankt Augustin, to provide realistic training for the employees. The officers of the Federal Police Department in Sankt Augustin are regularly used to monitor rail systems, train stations and trains, often to monitor the arrival and departure of football fans or demonstration participants.
Eu m-am uitat mai pe sarite la momentele mai importante :cool: