vand DECODOR Hornby 8249 pret 50 ron !

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9 Noiembrie 2008
Cluj-N / Lugoj
Cluj-N / Lugoj
Vand 1 bucata decodor HORNBY 8249 nou, incercat pe stand (deci desfacut).

Specificatii producator:

th_ Control of the motor’s rotational speed (load compensation)
th_ Acceleration and deceleration separately adjustable
th_ Selectable for operation with 14, 28, 128 speed steps
th_ Programming on main track
th_ Four On/Off function outputs. Two of the function outputs are dedicated for the head / tail lights.
th_ Operation on standard DC systems (analogue operation) possible
th_ Motor overload current protection
th_ With NMRA RP-9.1.1 / NEM652 medium plug

Technical Specification

Maximum current (Burst) 1A
Rated continuous current output: 500mA
Continuous motor output current 500mA
Function output current 100mA each
Address range: CV 1 = 1-127
CV 17-18 = 1-9999

Speed Steps (Selectable): 14, 28, 128
Dimensions: 17 x 10 x 3.5mm

PRET : 50 ron (evident transport pe posta romana inclus in pret)
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