James May - model railway world record 2009

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18 Iunie 2016
James May; The presenter had helped unite 400 railway enthusiasts to build a toy track stretching the 10 miles (16.093 km) from Barnstaple to Bideford, in North Devon, and run miniature trains along it.

Nu am sa scriu nimic acum, va las pe voi sa descoperiti in cele 6 parti aventura lui James May.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Anul acesta alta incercare:

" The Great Train Race

After the failure of the first attempt, a new toy train challenge occurred on 16 April 2011. A team composed of Germans who had assisted in the first toy train attempt raced against a team from Britain, again between Barnstaple and Bideford in North Devon.[39] The new challenge was to race three different types of trains from one end of the track and see who could get to the other station first, with each team starting at opposite ends. May asked for help from the local marines to guard the components as last time batteries and track were stolen and coins were placed on the track causing short circuits. A different, sturdier type of track was used from the previous attempt, as was a new battery system to power it. This time, for most of the route, two parallel tracks were laid to avoid the opposing trains meeting head-on.

The German Team started at Bideford and the British Team at Barnstaple. The race was a best of three rounds. The first round used steam locomotives, the Germans using a model German DR Class 58.30 and the British using James' own childhood model LNER Class A3 4472 Flying Scotsman – "with realistic chuffing sound" – which had been repaired since the last attempt and was driven by Oz Clarke. The second race involved a German DB Class 403 diesel train, nicknamed the "Donald Duck", and a British Railways InterCity 125. The third round featured modified trains driven by any power source the teams could come up with:
The German team originally used fermented Sauerkraut to power a small piston engine motor, which started quickly but then fell off the track and exploded. The backup was a standard electric motor driven train, powered by a bank of lithium-ion cells instead of electricity supplied from the track.
The British team tried a train based on a ducted fan propelling a British Rail Class 395, which while extremely fast, proved too unstable and lacked brakes. It quickly derailed, breaking several wheels in the process. The replacement used an electric motor driven by a hydrogen fuel cell, the workings of which were disguised by an over-scale Thomas the Tank Engine body (although this was removed for much of the route as it made it top heavy).

The Germans were the first to complete the full journey with the Donald Duck. The British then won the second round with their hydrogen fuel cell train, and the third round was also won by the British with the Flying Scotsman after the German DR58 steam locomotive had problems. James May, after the crushing disappointment from the first attempt, was emotional that his Flying Scotsman model had made it to Bideford, and was delighted that the mechanically generated "realistic chuffing sound" was still working.

Several of the engines that finished had problems which were fixed en-route. The Flying Scotsman had to have a new chassis block, the "Donald Duck" had major problems with the gearbox twice, both within view of the finishing point, and the German steam BR58 limped along very slowly with unspecified problems to finish last of all the trains several hours after the others. Both experimental trains that were used had reliable power sources but major issues with top-heavy stability.

The episode aired on BBC 2, 12 June 2011 at 8:00pm.[40]

The British models (and the track) were made by Hornby Railways, the German models used were made under the Rivarossi brand, which is also owned by Hornby."

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A aparut pe youtube James May's Toy Stories - The Great Train Race (2011):

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:
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episodul complet

l.e. mi se pare mie sau dr. Ben's hydrogen fuel cell transport solution era si cam impins pe langa echilibrat...?
chestia cu fuel cell era cu un secol mai desteapta decat banalele baterii li-ion ale nemtilor... poate ca la un moment dat au mai impins si englezii la vagoane dar au meritat sa castige. referitor la linia de 10 mile , la un moment dat se vede doar o linie simpla nu dubla ... oare cum au trecut trenurile din ambele directii pe acolo ?
min7 sec12

cat priveste seria "james mays toy stories" e pacat ca nu o difuzeaza si la noi.