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9 Noiembrie 2008
Cluj-N / Lugoj
Cluj-N / Lugoj
cautand pe "iutub" am dat zilele trecute peste urmatoarele filmulete:
Din cate imi dau seama e vb de linii muzeu

Eisenbahn Highlights 2010 - Steam Train / Dampflok
De la: Bidone1967 | 06.12.2010
In the fall I had in my movies recorded in 2010, steam locomotive, a 90 minute DVD created.
The result was the idea to make this film even the railway enthusiasts available on YouTube. Therefore, I have the movie cut in three parts.

In part 1 you see:

Island Rügen: Racing Roland, last test drive of 52Mh with 99 between 4802 and Göhren Putbus
Ore: Pre߸nitztalbahn, autumn steam with the IK No.54 between Steinbach and Jöhstadt and back.

Part 2 shows:

-Wei߸eritztalbahn in Freital - Mountain Grove, Malter and Specht Ritz
Döllnitz 99-track 1574 between Mügeln Oschatz and glosses

Part 3:

- 52 8154 at the Leipzig railway days in Plagwitz
- IK No.54 at 125 years of railways Oschatz - Mügeln
- Harz Narrow Gauge Railway (HSB)